Through partnership we can make a difference

To Donate

RWEYOWA welcomes both financial and material support from local and international partners/well-wishers. Please contact us to make a donation, or visit our donation page. Thank you!


Basic social and material support

Vulnerable orphans whose parents have died of HIV/AIDS are in need of basic social and material support, especially primary education, clothes, shelter, bedding, etc.

Financial and material donations are appreciated.


Orphans with physical disabilities and elderly people often need wheelchairs for easy mobility.

Wheelchairs or contributions toward their purchase are very gratefully received.

Palliative care and support

Sick HIV/AIDS patients need palliative care and support to ease pain and suffering.

Financial assistance is required to enable us to cover the related costs of care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Materials such as beddings, clothes and food are also always welcome.

Vulnerable elderly in need of social support

Aged care and support for young people

Elderly people whose caretakers have died of HIV/AIDS need care and support to survive.

Financial assistance to construct/renovate their homes and to buy basic necessities is required.

Donations can also be in the form of material support.

Social/Economic support

Young people who dropped out of school as a result of the death of their parents to HIV/AIDS need support for vocational skills training to earn a living.

Tools for knitting and sewing machines are required to train the increasing number of young people in need.

Financial assistance is also required to cover the related costs of training.

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